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The site was created to effectively improve users' technical skills and prepare for technical interviews. Every day, it offers new tests and tasks to strengthen knowledge and practice correct answers to common technical questions. Users can track their progress and results.

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By testing your technical skills every day, you can constantly improve your knowledge. Short tests on various topics help to identify weaknesses and focus on their improvement. Regular self-study allows you to keep abreast of the latest technologies and maintain up-to-date skills.


By practicing to pass the interview, you can check the level of your knowledge and preparedness for the real selection process in the IT company. This will help identify weaknesses and focus on overcoming them, increasing the probability of successful advancement to the next stage of selection. Understanding your own knowledge and being prepared for an interview is the key to getting an interesting job.


All daily tests and interviews that you have passed or continue to pass are stored in your online profile. This makes it possible to effectively analyze one's own achievements and determine further steps to improve professional competences.

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